Panoramic is the first end‑to‑end platform for ad‑hoc analysis. It reduces time and increases quality of analyses by automating the tedious, error‑prone and advanced parts of the analytic process.

Root-cause analysis is now accessible to every analyst

Panoramic's pre-built statistical workflows for root-cause analysis allow analysts of any technical skill level to produce objective insights in significantly less time.

Instantly go from analysis to presentation.

Share presentations within Panoramic.

Workbooks turn into shareable, pre-formatted presentations without switching tools. Team members can collaborate and comment on these presentations within Panoramic.

Auto-generated charts.

Panoramic saves hours on chart-building and formatting by generating useful charts that can be annotated and added to workbooks.

Flexibility of SQL meets ease of No-Code

Shareable, SQL-centric workbooks.

Write SQL and store them in shareable workbooks, allowing you to search for and re-run prior analyses.

No-code UI for common tasks in SQL.

Switch back and forth between writing SQL and using a no-code interface for common tasks such as grouping, filtering, date modification, and confidence intervals

Analysts want to use Panoramic.

Here is what our greatest advocates are saying.

“80% of my time meant for analysis is spent crafting custom SQL queries to gut-check and answer basic business questions. What Panoramic is building almost completely automates that tedium and lets me focus on what matters, which is actually looking at and understanding the data.”

Product Analyst at Retool

“As a product analyst, I absolutely believe Panoramic will enable me to do my job faster and more precisely all while guiding me to the answers to the big “Why?’ questions. I can easily see us doing all of our ad-hoc analytic work in this product. It will become an important part of our technology stack for analysis and reporting out to our exec team.”

Product Analyst at Homebase

"Our company has plenty of dashboards and a trove of data. Yet important business questions are still difficult to answer, each requiring bespoke analysis. We have a long backlog of deep analyses that we want to tackle in 2021 and there really isn't a good tool or framework out there that would let us do this efficiently and scalably. Panoramic will fill this gap in our analytics stack, helping us get from data to insights and actions faster."

Head of Analytics at Babylist